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Free Love

Initial Idea

Our team concentrated on the idea of what ‘Free Love’ could mean and how people perceive the term. We explored many avenues and collectively decided on the idea of a debate area to discuss the term and all issues connected with it. In Britain we appear to be slightly more reserved to openly discussing these issues as opposed to many other countries and cultures.
We proposed to build an area we have referred to as ‘the pod’. The construction is an area which will be the heart of discussion and will be linked to a live internet site / blog, in which people can chat and discuss this term and share information and double as an access point for impartial information on laws, birth control, health information, sexuality, etc.

The Pod

Taking physical form as a what is effectively a sphere constructed of predominantly glass and wood, the pod embodies the key concepts, symbols and purpose of what we believe this project to be about. Support with a “network” of marketing/promotional material, (bearing the FUC QII ‘logo’), the Pod is a purpose built space for users, (members of the public) to explore while simultaneously exploring and questioning “free love”. The Pod is designed to allow users to contemplate what free love is as well as the wider issues that surround this topic; for instance “What is free love?”, “What is its place in modern society?”. These are purely examples of the questions users may find themselves exploring inside the pod. This practice of contemplation is encouraged throughout the facilities inside, whether its the cubicles, (on the lower floor) where users may go to record their thoughts to a simple seating area, (on the upper level) where users can discuss their thoughts/opinions.  The construction of the Pod, is intended to embody the key concepts behind its purpose. That is when designing the Pod, we focused on the symbolism of its shape and how this could be related to its intended purpose. For instance the Pod is based primarily around two key forms; they are the circle and a slightly irregular oval, (pointed edges at each end as opposed to the regular rounded forms). We chose to base our design around these shapes as the circle may be associated with the auroboros symbol (a snake eating its own tail) which is symbolic of eternity. The irregular oval on the other hand, is derived from a recurring pattern in history. That is that this shape is used extensively in many cultures/tribes and native communities around the world as a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. We decided these two shapes should be at the core of the design of the Pod as they represent positive connotations to do with free love. A key decision as the Pod is intended to promote free love and raise awareness of such, rather than encouraging the demonisation of it.
In practice the circular shape is what inspired the overall spherical shape of the Pod, whereas the ‘oval’ is represented in the smaller details of the design. For instance; the door to the Pod, and the doors to the lift adopt this shape and variations of it, (alterations arise from a practical purposes).
For the exterior of the Pod, we considered various techniques of ‘cloaking’. That is it is intended that onlookers cannot see into the Pod, from the outside, when it is occupied. However when the Pod is vacant, glass sections become completely transparent. However the same is not to be said for the inside view looking out. Those inside the Pod are able to see outward at all times, (in a two-way mirror fashion).


The promotion of the pod and website would be very diverse and take many different forms to attract a wide and varied target audience and community participation as possible. To achieve this we felt we would need a common device not necessarily a logo more a device, which could be adapted to many different forms.
We decided on using the historic angle of the origin of the word ‘fuck’ which we believed to mean ‘ fornicate under command of the king’ Henry VIII – but have since discovered that there is a chance this is an urban myth (never the less we decided to pursue this avenue as it conjured a fantastic image and some how this information took the harshness away from the word).

fornicate under command of the Queen.
fornicate under command of Queen Elizabeth II.
fornicate under command of Elizabeth Regina.

Common Device

We looked into many differing sources studying symbols, coats of arms, shields, typography, stone and wood carving letterforms but needed a device, which would work across many areas in varied mediums and also have the ability to be animated on screen. We wanted the whole concept to have the juxtaposition of historic ‘free love’ to modern day ‘free love’.
The device required the ability to be ambiguous enough so it wouldn’t limit its uses but still deliver the required message.


The usage of the device would need to be used and adapted to hit the required target audience, some of the options explored included:
An image of an Asian woman in full religious ‘Berka’ with the device place on her forehead in the position of a dobby dot.
A play on the red Hot Chilli album cover ‘Socks on Cocks’.
Typography campaign incorporating some the famous quotes relation to what free love could be.
Facts from history in relation to what free love is.
Many more avenues were explored using strong yet artistic images ie. The pregnant man in America etc.

The basic idea is a viral campaign, which could take many differing forms using:

Text messages & mobile graphics
Environmental campaigns – in the paving to access the pod (Why Not Associate)
Graffiti campaign
Billboard campaign
You tube
Social networking sites – facebook, myspace…
Nightclub promotion.


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